Friday, 23 March 2012

Hotel Sunset! - a Radio Drama (with added zombies)

Be afraid...  Be very afraid.

This drama was created by a CAE class taught by one of my colleagues - over the course of 3 weeks, the students scripted, edited, practised and performed it, then found sound effects and incidental music for the final version. 

I thoroughly recommend listening - it's hilarious!  They've used a good variety of entertaining idiomatic expressions, and it's also great practice for understanding different accents.  It also shows what's possible with a little creativity (I really wish this had been my class).  The students really got into it, and the end result - well, listen for yourself.

(Drama contains drinking references, mild sexual innuendo, and gory horror - you have been warned)

Hotel Sunset!

Seham and Rachel are enjoying a quiet holiday at the Hotel Sunset, while trying to dodge the local lothario, but things are about to go very very wrong.

Watch out for the zombies!

   Hotel Sunset Seham by Stephanie McIntosh 2

(Thanks to Glen and all the class for permission to post this!)

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  1. Many congratulations to your students! Great performances.