Friday, 16 March 2012

Another EFL Blog?

Is there anything left to say?  Is there really a need to add more content to the groaning blogosphere?  If so, does the good stuff get buried under an avalanche of the adequate, the outdated, the mediocre, and the best-forgotten?  And is there a limit to the number of consecutive rhetorical questions a reader will tolerate before theatrically throwing up their hands and moving on?

My answer to all of the above will have to be a resounding 'Possibly'.  For now let's just say that this blog malarkey seems appealing, that I'm an EFL teacher who loves the quirks of the English language, and that I'm immensely excited by the possibilities offered by new technology.  In this blog I hope to share, collect and discuss my thoughts about teaching, technology, language and anything else that crosses my mind.  (There may be cake.  Even knitted cake.)

1 comment:

  1. It's actually quite fun, isn't it, this Blogging! I look forward to seeing the knitted cake!!