Wednesday, 21 March 2012

British Politics and the NHS Reform Bill - a list of useful idioms.

In honour of the NHS Reform Bill, here is a biased and partisan list of idioms that could be used for Speaking activities in English Language classes with a politics or current affairs theme.  My own position on the matter may just become apparent from the choices of idiom.

(All links for definitions are to The Free Dictionary)

Possible adjectives for the Tories (remember this poster?)

What the Tories did before coming to power
hoodwink us

What they did after coming to power
show their true colours

What they are doing to the NHS
sound the death knell for it
strike its deathblow
put the final nail in its coffin

What they have done to voters
give them a kick in the teeth
stab them in the back

What the Lib Dems failed to do in opposing the bill
nail their colours to the mast
stand up and be counted

The resulting situation
a slippery slope

Who benefits
fat cats in pharmaceutical companies
- and the policitians who are in their pocket.

I hope you enjoyed this, whatever your views!

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