Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Blogs a-plenty

It is probably obvious from the frequency of posting here that I am not a natural-born blogger.  I have 5 post ideas (at least) for every one that ever ends up becoming a finely polished entry, and I am by far my own harshest critic.  So it may come as a surprise that I have in fact blogged every week without fail since mid-September - just not here.

At the beginning of this year I cautiously started an online course with The Consultants-e (highly recommended), which led to a new qualification (woohoo!) and promotion at my workplace (ditto).  This blog began its life as a course assignment, and I've been wondering ever since about striking the right balance between personal and professional content - which is one of the reasons for the sparse entries.

I do have other 'online lives' - my Facebook account, which is as protected as I know how to make it.  My old blog, which hasn't been updated in at least 3 years.  And my Ravelry account, including links to knitting patterns I've made available to download (please do check them out if you knit!).  These are all strictly personal, however.

This blog could maybe be described as personal-professional - it's all real, and it's all me, but it's me being thoughtful about the professional impression that I make, and sometimes stopping myself from ranting when there's a remote possibility that some of my students could see it one day.

So, now I blog on behalf of my workplace every week, which is different again - I think of this as professional-personal blogging.  I'm definitely wearing my teaching hat in these blogs, but still the personal voice is very important - and I've still managed to sneak some references to knitting in there, and a few of my own photos as well!

Anyway, I'd like to introduce the blogs I now write:

Another Great Teaching Blog (couldn't think of a more original name for it!) which is for teachers,


So To Speak English, which is aimed at students.

I write to one of them every week, and this week it's been the turn of the teacher blog, with a short review of 3 interactive sites that I've used and loved.  I hope you'll check them out and let me know what you think!

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