Thursday, 26 April 2012

ELTpics and Art

ELTpics has to be my favourite discovery this month, and like so much else that is influencing my teaching now, I heard about it through Twitter.  It couldn't be simpler - you can contribute photos by tweeting them using the hashtag #eltpics, and they will be added to the ELTpics Flickr page by one of the curators: @fionamau (Fiona Mauchline), @sandymillin (Sandy Millin) and @cgoodey (Carol Goodey).  Then the photos are available for anyone to use as a teaching resource.  At the time of writing, there are 7,689 photos and videos available, arranged in 66 sets.

It's not only the quantity which is amazing, but also the skill displayed by so many of the contributors.  Quite simply there are gorgeous photos there on almost any ELT-friendly topic you can name - and if what you need isn't there, someone in the ELTpics community may be able to help if you tweet a request.  The tattoo picture in the presentation below was generously contributed by @mrsdkrebs (Diane Krebs).

So, today I used in class an old resource of mine, tweaked, improved, updated, and now using 100% ELTpics for the images.  It's a discussion-starter slideshow, which aims to get students discussing and defining what they understand, or will accept, as 'Art'.  It can be used with students at different levels with very little pre-teaching of vocabulary, and usually provokes a range of opinions.  If you want to download it, just go to my Slideshare page.  Enjoy:

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  1. A lovely activity and a great use for #ELTpics :-)